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Intelligent Swim Sensor for the AIS

Intelligent Swim Sensor for the AIS

Elite swimmers are always seeking the winning edge – and together with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), IISRI has harnessed its human performance research to design and develop an intelligent system that allows swimmers to access specialist coaching wherever the location.

Swimming is a large part of the Australian way of life – and it is no surprise that we have produced some of the world’s best in elite racing. However, to access the very best coaching our top swimmers are required to train at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra.

Not anymore – in a collaboration between the AIS and IISRI it is now possible for swimmers to train in their local pools without missing out on the benefits of specialist coaching.

Developed using IISRI’s world-class human performance and cognition research expertise, the Intelligent Swim Sensor uses a lightweight, off-the-shelf sensor clipped to the athlete’s swimwear at the lumbar spine with an iPhone app developed by IISRI. This intelligent system allows coaches to remotely assess swimmers’ performance during training using automatic analysis of swimming techniques as well as accurate measurement of lap timing.

It also reconstructs the swimmer’s movements in 3D, eliminating the need for video filming and analysis.

‘Traditionally, coaches use video analysis to monitor swimmers’ strokes and swimming styles, but the process is very time consuming. It also limits the number of swimmers individual coaches can mentor,’ explains project leader Associate Professor Shady Mohamed, who developed the algorithm and analytic software behind the Intelligent Swim Sensor.

‘This system can record the swimmer’s performance and provide a detailed description of their stroke style and timing, enabling coaches to develop effective training strategies and lead a larger number of swimmers.

‘It also allows more athletes to access coaching resources without having to spend time travelling to the AIS.’

The robust algorithm and analysis tools behind the software could be easily adapted for sporting domains other than swimming and had already attracted attention from cycling and skiing coaches.


The Intelligent Swim Sensor is a lightweight, off-the-shelf sensor that clips to an athlete’s swimwear and is connected to an iPhone app. The Sensor records data to the app and allows coaches to analyse the information in one central location.

Impact: The Intelligent Swim Sensor enables elite swimmers to gain the best swim coaching from anywhere in the world and improve overall swimming performance.

Lead researcher: Associate Professor Shady Mohamed

Australian Institute of Sport

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