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Our research

The Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI) is dedicated to advancing the global knowledge base of intelligent systems. IISRI focuses on cross-disciplinary research – solving complex problems with solutions that have high impact and commercial value.

Intelligent systems are advanced computer systems designed to recognise and respond to the environment around them. 

Unlike artificial intelligence (AI), which is a computer system designed to mimic human intelligence, intelligent systems are designed to work alongside humans to perform a specific function – accurately and efficiently.

IISRI specialises in five areas of intelligent systems design and engineering – motion simulators, simulation training and haptics, autonomous systems and robotics, systems modelling and simulation, and human performance and cognition.

Companies choose to work with IISRI because we have a proven track record of delivering intelligent systems solutions for complex real-world challenges. 

Autonomous systems and robotics

In this ever-evolving world, defence, security and medical industries are turning to automated systems and robotics to address significant challenges in personnel safety, work efficiency and evolving national security risks.

And IISRI is at the forefront – designing and engineering smarter and reliable autonomous systems and robotics for a range of companies and government bodies in defence, security and health environments. 

Human performance and cognition

By analysing human performance, movement, cognition and sensory actions, we can unlock new capabilities for intelligent systems to respond and interact with our minds and bodies.

At IISRI, we are global innovators of human performance and cognition monitoring and use a combination of techniques – such as eye tracking, human motion analysis, motion capture, and respiration rate – to monitor and capture data to design and engineer intelligent systems that have the potential to change the world.

Motion simulators and simulation training

Motion simulators provide a realistic sense of motion to recreate real-world experiences from the G-forces of a military jet to driving a reconnaissance vehicle in combat – all in a controlled environment.

IISRI’s world-class Motion Simulation Lab is home to a range of mobile and industrial robots, including the world’s first haptically enabled Universal Motion Simulator (UMS), which was designed and built in IISRI. 

Systems modelling and simulation

Systems Modelling and Simulation enables companies and government bodies to analyse complex data and simulate different scenarios and outcomes easily and efficiently. 

IISRI has the largest team of researchers working in the field of systems modelling and simulation in Australia. Its modelling and simulation research encompasses simulation and data visualisation, complex systems, and decision making under uncertainty. 

Research – Development – Commercial Ready

IISRI has a proven track record of achieving outstanding results in its three key pillars of Research, Development, and Commercial Ready. We work closely with companies, government and community to deliver products and services that are agile, adaptive and applicable in dynamic, real-world environments. Contact us to learn more.