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Australian Army Autonomous army trucks by IISRI

Autonomous army trucks triumph on open road trial

Autonomous army trucks triumph on open road trial

Our autonomous vehicles project with the Australian Army completed a successful trial on public roads earlier this month. It’s a brilliant example of the work we do in autonomous systems. Autonomous systems allow companies to tackle challenges in personnel safety, work efficiency and evolving security risks in a safe and reliable way.

IISRI is at the forefront of autonomous systems research – designing, engineering and building smarter technologies for defence, security and medical environments. Autonomous systems and robotics technologies can improve the precision of high-risk tasks and leave the complex decision-making to humans.

Our research team can design and build research platforms for autonomous systems on land, air and sea, with capabilities such as:

✔ A multi-vehicle autonomy pack that can be retrofitted for your custom needs
✔ Configurable obstacle avoidance
Intention-aware autonomy
✔ User-friendly navigation
✔ Total control over mission or activity from a remote, central command centre
✔ Safety-first approach to modular solution architecture

Learn more about our research into autonomous systems and robotics here.



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