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The Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI) is Australia’s largest research group in intelligent systems modelling and simulation, led by leading intelligent systems expert Director Douglas Creighton.

In 2016, Deakin University’s Centre for Intelligent Systems Research was redesignated to the Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI). It was identified as a key research area that was well-positioned to work closely with industry to produce commercialisation outcomes – and it has swiftly proven that true.  IISRI is part of the Future Economy Precinct, which links high-level capabilities in technological innovation with specialised research equipment and industrial-scale infrastructure to drive commercial outcomes.

Since its establishment, it has been a leading force in the translation of intelligent systems research into commercial-ready products and services that are agile, adaptive and applicable in dynamic, real-world environments.

Why choose IISRI as your research partner?

  • We are part of Deakin – Australia’s number one university for equity held in start-up and spinout companies (SCOPR).
  • Deakin is a national leader in research commercialisation and collaboration, with a strong intellectual property (IP) pipeline and an enviable track record in successful industry engagement for positive impact.
  • We have a collaborative team of almost 50 researchers whose expertise spans across a range of intelligent systems disciplines.
  • We have worked with more than 300 national and international organisation and governments, such as the Australian Defence Force, Ford Australia and Telstra.

Our Team


Professor Douglas Creighton



Professor Asim Bhatti

Professor Chee Peng Lim

Professor in Complex Systems

Professor Hieu Trinh


Dr Ahmad Abu Alqumsan

Research Fellow, Medical Robotics and Human Robot Trust

Dr Adetokunbo Arogbonlo

Research Fellow, Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Associate Professor Houshyar Asadi

Research Fellow in Control and Motion Analysis

Mr Kelvin Choo

Research Fellow in Operation Analytics

Dr Bruce Gunn

Modelling and Simulation

Associate Professor Samer Hanoun

Senior Research Fellow in Simulation and Scheduling

Associate Professor Samer Hanoun

Simulation and Scheduling

Dr Pradeep Herath Mudiyanselage

Research Fellow

Dr Imali Hettiarachchi

Research Fellow in Human Performance Modelling and Simulation

Anwar Hosen

Research Fellow In Modelling, Control And Optimisation

Dr Ibrahim Hossain

Research Fellow, Computational Data Modelling and Analytics

Associate Professor Michael Johnstone

Dr Burhan Khan

Associate Professor Abbas Khosravi

Senior Research Fellow in Systems Modelling and Soft Computing

Associate Professor Kris Law

Associate Professor, Infrastructure Strategy and Systems Thinking

Dr Vu Le

Research Fellow in Mod. & Sim

Dr Navid Mohajer

Associate Professor Shady Mohamed

Senior Research Fellow in Signals and Systems

Associate Professor Zoran Najdovski

Dr Mohammad Rokonuzzaman Pappu

Research Fellow, Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Dr Matthew Watson

Research Fellow in Heterogenous Systems Modelling and Analysis

Associate Professor Lei Wei

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Haptics

Dr James Zhang

Research Fellow in Modelling and Simulation

Dr Tao Zhou

Modelling and Simulation

Professional Staff

Joshua Bertucci

Software Engineer

Jo Cho

Senior Software Engineer

Michael Fawaz

Manager, Business Administration and Major Projects

Freyla Ferguson

Communications Coordinator

Samuel Gan

Engineering Technical Assistant

Dr Mohammadali Ghafarian

Facility Engineering Manager, Next Generation Motion Simulator

Tikaraj Ghising

Software Engineer

Denver Harrison

Engineering Technical Assistant

Leo Saif

Software Engineer

Linh Tang

Software Engineer

Sophie Wemyss

Administrative Officer

Research – Development – Commercial Ready

IISRI has a proven track record of achieving outstanding results in its three key pillars of Research, Development, and Commercial Ready. We work closely with companies, government and community to deliver products and services that are agile, adaptive and applicable in dynamic, real-world environments. Contact us to learn more.